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Nelson Literary Agency

"A good copyeditor is hard to find, so thank goodness I've got Anne Victory. It's important that any digital-only published title is the same quality as any book published by the New York Big 6 houses. With Anne on board, I know the copyedit is professional and done to exacting standards. I've also used her for the final Oops Detection before publication. Wow. Worth every dollar spent to catch those last remaining errors."

--Kristin Nelson, President of Nelson Literary Agency, LLC and NLA Digital Liaison Platform LLC

Courting Trouble
The Secret Underground
Hollywood Girls Club
Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club
Tomorrow Land


Dannika Dark, USA Today bestselling author

"When it comes to editing, Anne Victory is my first choice. Her attention to detail ensures that every manuscript she edits receives a professional touch. Her notes provide clarity, and she somehow makes it exciting to review the final edits, which can often be a painful process. Communication is also important to an author, and I have peace of mind knowing that I can reach out to her with questions or concerns and always receive a prompt reply. Working with Anne feels like a team effort."



Deanna Chase, USA Today bestselling author

"I've had the pleasure of working with Anne Victory on several projects now and she is by far my go-to editor. Always a pleasure to work with, Anne is fast, efficient, and responsive. Not to mention a wiz copy editor. Her notes are always followed up with sources, and she is quick to answer any and all questions. It's tough to find the right people for self-publishing projects, but one can't go wrong hiring Anne. I don't know where I'd be without her on my production team. I always look forward to working with her."

Irresistible Magic
Influential Magic
Haunted on Bourbon Street


Nichole Chase, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

"Victory Editing has been a godsend. Anne was exceedingly patient and helpful as I learned the ropes of publishing, even helping me laugh through my blunders! She is easy to work with, friendly, fast, and efficient. Her insightful suggestions helped put the final polish on Mortal Obligation. I can't imagine why I would ever go elsewhere for an editor. If you are looking for a professional that is friendly with an eagle eye, Anne is your lady!"

Suddenly Royal
Immortal Grave
Mortal Defiance
Mortal Obligation

* Congratulations, Nichole! Suddenly Royal reached #16 on the New York Times bestseller list and #31 on the USA Today list.


Ilona and Andrew Gordon, writing as Ilona Andrews, New York Times bestselling author

"We are very pleased with Anne Victory's edits. We can say with complete confidence that she made our book better. She was thorough, quick, and organized, and her services were worth every single cent. If you're wondering if her work is worth the investment, it is."

Clean Sweep


Jeaniene Frost, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

"Anne is a joy to work with. Her copyedits are prompt, professional, and thorough, with a much-appreciated eye for detail. I look forward to working with her again on future projects."

Jill Myles, USA Today bestselling author

"I love working with Anne. She is prompt, pleasant, knows her stuff and isn't afraid to whip out a dictionary or three to make sure you have just the right turn of phrase. As she worked on my manuscript, Anne let me know on a regular basis where she was at and when she'd be finished. She's very thoughtful, thorough, and I cannot say enough great things about her service. I will most definitely be using her again and again!"

Dark Light
Vanishing Act
Seven Days - A Space Romance
Succubi Are Forever



M. Malone, national bestselling author of The Alexanders series

"The editing phase is one of the toughest parts of publishing. It's difficult to find a person with the talent to rip a manuscript to shreds and then help you stitch it back together again. Anne Victory is not only amazing with the technical details of language, but she's also got the sense of humor to judge whether the book has the right 'chemistry.' I learn something new every time I work with her.

The best part is she somehow manages to make the entire process fun!"

One More Day
The Things I Do for You


Renee Carlino, USA Today bestselling author

"Anne Victory of Victory Editing is a gifted and experienced editor. She is fast but thorough in the meticulous work she does. Her grammar skills elevate the quality of the work, while her creative suggestions add value. I had a wonderful experience working with Anne on my novel, Sweet Thing. It was a complete joy and I learned a little something, too. She came highly recommended to me by a New York Times bestselling author and I can confidently give her my highest recommendation. She is pleasant and professional and at the top of her class among freelance editors."

Sweet Thing

* Congratulations, Renee! Sweet Thing reached #87 on the USA Today list.


Courtney Milan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

"Anne Victory is thorough, fast, and smart. She finds what's wrong without being overly intrusive. I can't recommend her enough."

What Happened at Midnight
A Kiss For Midwinter
The Duchess War

* Congratulations, Courtney! Unlocked reached #36 on USA Today's bestseller list and #6 on the New York Times list.


Annie's Publishing

"I have worked with Anne Victory on our Creative Woman Mysteries for the past year, and have found her work a high-water mark of value. She is thorough and professional and gives a quick turnaround. She is also a joy to work with, injecting her own brand of stress-relieving humor guaranteed to make an old book editor smile. With Anne it hasn’t been just a Win-Win situation. It’s been a Win-Victory!"

--Ken Tate, Executive Editor at DRG Management / Annie's


Heather Boyd

"One of the biggest challenges for an author is to find the right editor for their stories. I cannot say enough good things about the experience of working with Anne Victory at Victory Editing. Fast. Thorough. Feedback delivered with professionalism. Questions answered promptly. Anne is approachable and so very easy to talk to. She’s become a partner in my writing career. One I couldn’t do without."

Hunting the Hero
Guarding The Spoils


Susan Kaye Quinn

"Anne's copyediting skills put that final polish on my novels, saving me from hyphenation disasters and comma abuse. Most importantly, she delivers to my readers a great reading experience without the hiccups of typos and potholes of bad grammar along the way."

Free Souls
Open Minds
Closed Hearts


Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times bestselling author

About working with me one-on-one as her editor: "I cannot rave enough about the quality, speed, accuracy, and attention to detail Anne Victory offers to her clients. I'm thrilled with her work on my manuscript and confident that the product I'm offering readers is thoroughly edited by a true professional. As an added bonus, Anne is a pleasure to work with--professional, considerate, prompt, and delightful. I can't wait to get her another manuscript!"


About working with me as part of a production team (I functioned as project manager as well as editor): When I made the decision to self-publish, my greatest concern was how to handle the impact the process would have on my existing deadlines while still being certain the end product would be high quality. Writing in two genres, with multiple publishers, my deadlines are constant and I simply didn't have the luxury of missing one because I spent a month editing, revising, formatting, or uploading my self-published novel. This team was the answer to my prayers and I simply cannot recommend this one-stop shopping approach that keeps the author in the loop, but not tied up in knots. With a single point of contact throughout the process, they provided that all important "production team" that is needed in publishing without forcing me to shop around for the right freelancers and manage them. With a vested interest in quality without sacrificing speed, they worked around my schedule, met my deadlines, and respected my plans to have the book launched on a specific day. In addition, they provided superior-quality editing, an experienced eye for the process, and, best of all, they deeply cared about the success of the project. Every email was responded to within hours, if not minutes, every query and question was answered (without ever making me feel clueless), and every concern was addressed in a clear and thorough manner. By its very definition, "independent publishing" is a solitary and daunting task, but with Anne and Amy, I felt like I had a true team of positive, smart, delightful professionals who saved me time, ushered me through the process, and cheered for the book's success.


Daniel Arenson

"Anne is great to work with. She's professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. She edited all my dragon novels--those from the Song of Dragons and Dragonlore trilogies--and I look forward to working with her on many more projects."

A Memory of Fire
A Birthright of Blood
A Legacy of Light
A Night of Dragon Wings
A Day of Dragon Blood


H.Y. Hanna

"Anne has been an absolute pleasure to work with - she is extremely professional and yet at the same time personal and made me feel like a friend rather than just a "client." I was especially impressed with her patience and the way she took the time to always explain her reasons for editorial changes and suggestions (and I'm one of those annoying people who always asks a lot of questions and wants to cross-reference and check everything!). She didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing something but carefully explained it so that I would know for the future. But she also wasn't a "style dragon" who insisted I do it her way or the highway - I found that she was very open to considering specific changes in style that were appropriate to my story without sacrificing any quality in terms of the story clarity and/or grammar/punctuation. Anne was also incredibly understanding and supportive of my publishing schedule and made a huge effort to turn things around in time so that I could meet my deadlines. I did a lot of research on freelance editors before selecting Victory Editing and I am very happy with my choice - I would recommend Anne's services to anybody without hesitation."


Kathleen Irene Paterka

"Fatty Patty was my debut novel and my first taste of the world of independent publishing. Going in, I knew it would be crucial to have a solid team of professionals behind me, starting with an experienced editor. When I asked a friend (a multi-pubbed NY Times best-selling author) for advice on whom to turn to, she never even hesitated. "Anne Victory" was the one and only name she mentioned. I contacted Anne and found her to be everything my friend had promised—and more. Anne took hold of the manuscript and virtually held my hand (in cyberspace) through every step of the process. Anne is the consummate professional: dedicated, prompt, positive . . . plus an absolute dream to work with. Her turnaround time is amazing. We've worked together on four books (the James Bay series) now, and I couldn't be more pleased. I've just finished a rough draft of my fifth novel. When it comes time for editing, I wouldn't trust it to anyone but Anne."

Royal Secrets
For I Have Sinned
Lotto Lucy
Home Fires
Fatty Patty


Debora Geary

"The second review I ever got, on the first book I self-published, included this line: 'I did not catch a single occasion where I would yell "Editor!", whether because of a plot hole, ungainly formulation, mere spelling error or formatting technicality.'

Music to a new writer's ears. Anne isn't the only member of my editing team, but she is the last set of eyes on all my books, and she's fabulous. She finds the kinds of errors that would be embarrassing - and noticed by readers - but she also has great suggestions for minor issues with punctuation, the kind that leave a sentence reading less smoothly than it could. Professional polish matters to me, and Anne's services make sure my work gets there."

A Lost Witch
A Celtic Witch
A Different Witch
A Nomadic Witch
Witches in Flight


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